CS192 Week 4 Team Management Part 1

You are in charge of managing a local softball team, one in which there is a lot of turnover. While you have a couple of regulars, much of the team members come and go frequently. When it comes to organizing… Read More

CMIS 102 Week 1 Hands-On Lab

This hands-on lab demonstrate a simple sequential print statements using an online C compiler such as ideone.com. You should follow the instructions to complete the lab as well as perform the learning exercises at the end of this lab. Instructions… Read More

CSIS 209 Programming Assignment 8

CMS Systems, Inc. is a company that provides information systems consulting services to companies in the telecom industry in the United States and the United Kingdom. Due to its success, CMS is hoping to expand its operations into other parts… Read More

CS192 Week 3 Body Mass Index

You are the nutritional coach for a local high school football team. You realize that some of the players are not up to par having returned from summer break. Realizing nutrition plays a key in a productive team, you decide… Read More

MIS 562 Lab 4 in MySQL

Please use the template below to provide your answers. Be sure to add your SQL Query and executed output from your input SQL Query. Any answers without executed output WILL NOT earn any credit. Part 1 Using the tables created… Read More

ITS 320 Module 6 Inheritance and Polymorphism

ITS 320 Week 5

Key in the PolyMain, Book, Almanac, and Novel classes defined in this module of the course. Once you get each of these classes keyed in, make sure they compile and execute properly. Then create a third subclass called Phone that… Read More

CS192 Week 2 Payroll Calculation Program

A local small business has hired you to write a payroll calculation program. The program only needs to calculate gross pay for an employee and display the results. Your program will accept the employee’s name, hours worked, and the employee’s… Read More