BMIS 212 Programming Assignment 1

Textbooks: Deitel & Deitel, Java: How to Program (2015). In this new age of Technology (Website, social media, etc., we have been given the opportunity to minister and serve others in many ways. Using the techniques you have learned in… Read More

PRG 410 Entire Course

PRG 410 Entire Course includes: PRG 410 Week 1 Math Tutor for a Young Student PRG 410 Week 2 FizzBuzz Program Part 1 PRG 410 Week 3 FizzBuzz Program Part 2 PRG 410 Week 4 FizzBuzz Program Part 3 PRG… Read More

CSIS 208 Programming Assignment 7

The database Microland.accdb is maintained by the Microland Computer Warehouse, a mail-order computer-supply company. The illustrations below show data in the Customers table and the Orders Table in the database. The table identifies each customer by an ID number and… Read More

COMP 220 Week 7 Lab Polymorphism

This lab introduces students to the concepts of polymorphism, early binding, late binding, abstract classes, and virtual class functions. This will be done in the context of performing calculations on basic geometrical shapes. Polymorphism is a very powerful extension of… Read More

POS 409 Week 4 Use of LINQ

POS409 Week 4 Use of LINQ Design, implement, test, and debug a C# program to demonstrate the use of LINQ. Using the dice simulation scenario in week 1, change the program such that the program could run at least 2… Read More