ITS 320 Module 2 Verify Java and IDE Setup

ITS 320 Week 1

This simple exercise is meant to verify that you’ve properly installed Java SE and an IDE on your computer so that you are ready for the later programming assignments in this class. Type in the following program source code from… Read More

CIS355A Week 6 Lab Student Management System

CIS355A Week 6 Lab Database Stocks4U Portfolio Management System OBJECTIVES Programmatic access to a MySQL database to add and display records PROBLEM: Student Management System A teacher needs the ability to store and retrieve student data. This includes student name;… Read More

PRG 410 Week 5 Design a Base Class Simplemath

Using Object-Oriented Programming (OOP), design a base class Simplemath and derived Addition, Subtraction, Division, Multiplication classes within. The user should have the option (e.g., switch statement, if statement, if else statement, nested statements) to choose which calculation he or she… Read More

Python Assignments Triangle and Guessing Number

These projects must be done in the latest version of IDLE: Write a program that accepts the lengths of three sides of a triangle as inputs. The program output should indicate whether or not the triangle is an equilateral triangle…. Read More

CIS 273 Lab Assignment 7 Form Page

Deliverables: One (1) Web page and one (1) Cascading Style Sheet (.css) Follow the directions below to complete Lab Assignment 7: Note: The CGI bin script does not work for us because we do not have a server to run… Read More

CISS 350 Programming Assignment 6 Police Department

Programming Assignment 6 Write a program for a police department that has collected a database of information on various suspects for a given crime. (Luckily for you, the department is only investigating one crime at a time.) Each suspect has… Read More

BMIS 312 Programming Assignment 8

BMIS 312 Week 8 Stack

Write a program that uses a stack to reverse its inputs. Your stack must be generic and you must demonstrate that it accepts both String and Integer types. Your stack must implement the following methods: push, pop, isEmpty (returns true… Read More