CS192 Week 8 Exceptions Handling

You decide to upload your recent project to a programming community website for feedback, and one thing that community users keep pointing to is the lack of exception handling. Realizing that they are correct, you decide to rectify the situation… Read More

DBM405A Lab 3 Baseball Database and Season Table

I. OBJECTIVES Understand and become familiar with Table Manipulation. II. PARTS LIST EDUPE Omnymbus Environment (https://devry.edupe.net:8300); and/or MySQL (dev.mysql.com/downloads). III. PROCEDURE By now you have set up either the Omnymbus environment or the MySQL Server Community environment, or both. You… Read More

CMIS 242 Project 2 Tax Calculator

CMIS242 Project 2 Tax Calculator The second programming project involves writing a program to calculate state income tax for a single taxpayer that uses a GUI. The GUI should use the grid layout manager and should looks similar to the… Read More

MIS561 Lab 3 Users Privileges and Roles

MySQL, like many other databases, uses the combination of specific user definitions, privileges, and roles to control access to the data in the database. In turn, it provides various layers of security. When the database is first created, there are… Read More

BMIS 212 Programming Assignment 6

Textbooks: Deitel & Deitel, Java: How to Program (2015). Exercise 9.5 JHTP Draw an inheritance hierarchy for students at a university similar to the hierarchy shown in Fig 9.2. Use Student as the superclass of the hierarchy, then, extend Student… Read More

CSIS 208 Programming Assignment 2

One of the most important pieces to programming is the design. In many cases the planning phase is longer than the actual programming time. This assignment is to help you understand the importance of planning and for you to see… Read More