SEC370 Lab 5 Policy Paper

Review the Network Attacks tutorial in the lecture. Submit a three- to five-page (800–1,200-word) security policy write-up for the antivirus, spyware, and adware policies for a medium-sized organization. Be sure to suggest security tools, and set up a schedule for… Read More

COMP 220 Week 3 Lab Inheritance

This lab introduces you to writing a C++ program to implement the concept of class inheritance using different types of bank accounts as a model. In this lab, you will create a base class, called CBankAccount, and two additional classes… Read More

CSIS 208 Programming Assignment 2

One of the most important pieces to programming is the design. In many cases the planning phase is longer than the actual programming time. This assignment is to help you understand the importance of planning and for you to see… Read More

BMIS 312 Programming Assignment 4

BMIS 312 Assignment 4

Write an application that uses random-number generation to create sentences. Use four arrays of strings, called article, noun, verb, and preposition. Create a sentence by selecting a word at random from each array in the following order: article, noun, verb,… Read More

BMIS 312 Programming Assignment 5

BMIS 312 Assignment 5

Assignment 5-1 Write a program that inserts 25 random integers from 0 to 100 in order into a LinkedList object. The program must: sort the elements, then calculate the sum of the elements, and calculate the floating-point average of the… Read More

CMIS 141 Final Project Titanic

CMIS141 Final Project Titanic Design a Java application that will read a file containing data related to the passengers on the Titanic. The description of the file is shown below. The application should provide statistical results on the passengers including:… Read More