CS192 Week 6 Team Management Part 3

Until now, you have had to leave your team management program running on your computer indefinitely since you did not want to lose the list of players. Finally, you are ready to add the components to your team management program… Read More

CIS355A Final Exam Choose the Correct Answer

Question 1. (TCOs 1–6) The data displayed in a JTable can be provided by a _____ object. (Points : 4) TableModel GridModel DefaultTableModel TableGridModel Question 2. (TCOs 1–6) What is the output of the code below? %.3f %.3f56.4321 56.432 56.4321… Read More

DBM405A Lab 1 Baseball Database and Team data

I. OBJECTIVES Get access to a MySQL environment. Familiarize yourself with the environment. II. PARTS LIST EDUPE Omnymbus Environment (https://devry.edupe.net:8300); and/or MySQL (dev.mysql.com/downloads). III. PROCEDURE You may do the labs in this class on your own computer equipped with MySQL… Read More

CMIS 141 Homework 1 Grade Point Average

CMIS141 Homework 1 Grade Point Average Before attempting this project, be sure you have completed all of the reading assignments, hands-on labs, discussions, and assignments to date. (25 points) Write a Java program prompts a user to enter demographic information… Read More

WEB375 Lab 2 Configure a DNS Server in Linux

Lab Scenario The purpose of this lab is to create a DNS server in Linux. Use the IP addresses that exist when you start Linux. Virtual Machine Login Information for PLABFED01 and PLABFED02 Username: Student Password: Password Username: root Password:… Read More

Tsubo Conversion Program

Tsubo is a Japanese unit of measure for area. 1 Tsubo is equal to 35.58 square feet. Write a program that asks the user if they want to convert from Tsubo to square feet or from square feet to Tsubo…. Read More