CIS355A Final Exam Choose the Correct Answer

Question 1. (TCOs 1–6) The data displayed in a JTable can be provided by a _____ object. (Points : 4) TableModel GridModel DefaultTableModel TableGridModel Question 2. (TCOs 1–6) What is the output of the code below? %.3f %.3f56.4321 56.432 56.4321… Read More

CIS355A Final Exam

1. (TCOs 1–6) TicketsRUs needs an application to calculate ticket prices. There are three ticket prices: Orchestra $85 each Mezzanine $70 each Balcony $45 each There is also a 15% discount on matinee performances. Your application has the GUI shown… Read More

CIS355A Entire Course

CIS355A Entire Course tutorial includes: CIS355A Week 1 Health Profile Console Program CIS355A Week 2 Health Profile App CIS355A Week 3 BurgersRUs Point of Sale system CIS355A Week 4 Stocks4U Portfolio Management System CIS355A Week 5 File Processing Stocks4U Portfolio… Read More

CIS355A Week 6 Lab Student Management System

CIS355A Week 6 Lab Database Stocks4U Portfolio Management System OBJECTIVES Programmatic access to a MySQL database to add and display records PROBLEM: Student Management System A teacher needs the ability to store and retrieve student data. This includes student name;… Read More

CIS355A Week 4 Lab Stocks4U Portfolio Management System

OBJECTIVES Create a GUI that uses JList and JTabbedPanes. Process multiple objects in an ArrayList. Code event handlers for multiple events. PROBLEM: Stocks4U Portfolio Management System Stocks4U needs to develop an app for you to manage your stock purchases.You should… Read More

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