ITS 320 Entire Course

ITS 320 Week 2

ITS320 Entire Course tutorial includes: ITS 320 Java Program 1 Verify Java and IDE Setup ITS 320 Java Program 2 Custom BankAccount Class with a Modified Constructor ITS 320 Java Program 3 Decision Control and Loops with User Interaction ITS… Read More

ITS 320 Module 8 BankAccount Program

ITS 320 Java Program 7

Create a class called BankAccount. The BankAccount class should contain a String to store the customer name and a double to store the account balance. The BankAccount class should have 2 constructors as follows: As can be seen, the first… Read More

ITS 320 Module 7 BadDataException

ITS 320 week 6

Create three exception classes named NumberHighException, NumberLowException, and NumberNegativeException. Both NumberHighException and NumberLowException should be directly subclassed from the Exception class, but NumberNegativeException should be subclassed from NumberLowException. You can use the BadDataException class that was defined in this module… Read More

ITS 320 Module 6 Inheritance and Polymorphism

ITS 320 Week 5

Key in the PolyMain, Book, Almanac, and Novel classes defined in this module of the course. Once you get each of these classes keyed in, make sure they compile and execute properly. Then create a third subclass called Phone that… Read More

ITS 320 Module 5 Separate lines Program

ITS 320 Week 4

ITS 320 Critical Thinking Assignment 4 Write a program to assign the integer values 1 through 25 to a 25 element integer array. Then, print the array as five separate lines each containing five elements separated by commas. The last… Read More

ITS 320 Module 2 Verify Java and IDE Setup

ITS 320 Week 1

This simple exercise is meant to verify that you’ve properly installed Java SE and an IDE on your computer so that you are ready for the later programming assignments in this class. Type in the following program source code from… Read More