DBM438 Lab 1 Comparison of MySQL Oracle and SQL Server

Compare MySQL, Oracle, and SQL Server database architectures.

In this lab you will create a comparison document listing elements of the three database architectures and how they differ.


  1. Download the DBM438_W1_iLab_Report document from Doc Sharing which has the initial template for your comparison. You will expand this template as you go based on the number of areas you find to compare and the data that you enter.
  2. Review the lecture in Week 1 for details on some of the differences between the three databases to get you started.
  3. Use the resources in the Webliography in the course shell along with any other resources you can find to gather your information.
  4. To achieve a maximum grade for this lab you must have a minimum of 15 areas of comparison. The template has five to get you started.
  5. Grading of this lab assignment will be based on the following.
Description Points
Objectives is sufficiently filled out. 5
Document contained a viable comparison (at least 15). 25
Conclusions is sufficiently filled out. 5
Document was free of spelling and grammar issues. 5
Overall quality of the document was present. 10
Total Lab Points 50

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This assignment includes a zip document.

  • Attachments
    • DBM438_Week_1_Lab.zip (23.60 KB)
      • DBM438_W1_iLab_Report.docx

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