CISS 243 Week 7 Binary Trees

Assignment 1 Create a class (BinaryTree) template that will create a binary tree that can hold values of any data type. The class should provide functions to insert a node, a function to delete a node, functions to display the… Read More

COMP 274 Week 6 Lab Calendar Program

The Calendar Program The purpose of this lab is to give you a chance to use some of the data stream tools we have been discussing in a simple application. The assignment is to write a calendar application which allows… Read More

CISS 242 Week 6 Introduction to Classes

Assignment 1 Employee Class. Write a class named Employee, with the class declaration in a file called Employee.h and the implementation in a file called Employee.cpp. The class should have the following data members: name – A string that holds… Read More

CIS363A Lab 2 Create a Website Using Dreamweaver

iLAB OVERVIEW Scenario and Summary Review a data file given by a client, and determine the number and type of pages needed. Create a storyboard depicting each page and the relationship to the other pages. Choose a template as instructed,… Read More

CIS336 Lab 5 Joining Tables

Lab 5 will introduce the concept of multi-table JOINS in order to work with data in two or more related tables simultaneously. This lab may be completed using either DeVry’s Omnymbus EDUPE-APP lab environment, or a local copy of the… Read More

POS 409 Week 5 Regular Expression

POS409 Week 5 Regular Expression Design, implement, test, and debug a C# program to demonstrate input validation using regular expression. The program should validate at least one type of data – you are free to choose a commonly used data… Read More

TicketsRUs needs an application to calculate ticket prices

TicketsRUs needs an application to calculate ticket prices. There are three ticket prices: Orchestra     $85 each Mezzanine    $70 each Balcony       $45 each There is also a 15% discount on matinee performances.   Your application has the GUI shown below.    … Read More